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Hi there!!! :)

♥ My name is Kristin
♥ I am obsessed with Joaquin Phoenix
♥ Ladder 49 is my favorite movie he's in
♥ That and Walk The Line
♥ I love to write...
♥ I love to write FAN FICTION! (i'll include one in here)
♥ So yay!
♥ My fan-fiction:

When Linda got back to the house, it seemed surprisingly empty, the car ride home was too quiet, she longed to hear one of Jacks stupid jokes, or just his laugh, just one last time. But she knew that she couldn’t. Katie and Nicky didn’t act like they normally did, with good reason though, there father had just died. Instead of playing with a ball or a doll when they got home, they both just sat on the couch and stared into oblivion. Linda found herself staring out the window and was startled when the phone rang. “Hello?” “Linda.” It was her mother. “Oh, hello mom.” She said, trying to hide the pain in her voice. “Linda I know you said you didn’t want me to come down, but maybe I could take Nicky and Katie to the park or something.” Her mother was always getting in the way. “Mother right now isn’t a good time.” “Honey, you need some alone time.” “Yeah..Alright, if you must, go ahead.” “Alright, I’ll be over in 10 minuets.” 45-minuets later her mother knocked at the door. The kids perked up, but not much. “Hi grand ma.” They said with fake enthusiasum in there voices. “Ready to go?” She asked. “Yes.” They said, and followed her out the door. “Bye.” They said to there mother. “Bye babies.” Linda said as they closed the door.

She went up stairs and began to get out the clothes she wore to Jacks funeral. She was putting on a sweater when she caught sight of her wedding picture. And the feeling of loneliness and sorrow overcame her. She collapsed in tears on the bed. “How could you leave me like this Jack? How could you?” She said clutching the picture close to her heart. “I loved, no love you so much.” She gasped for air between sobs. “I need you.” After a few minuets she composed herself and decided to start going through some of the drawers in she and Jacks dresser. It would keep her mind off of things. She tried to go through the junk drawer but she just couldn’t. Every little thing in there reminded her of Jack, and made her feel even worse.

A week after the funeral Linda decided to leave Nicky and Katie with a babysitter and go out to the bar where she and Jack had shared so many memories. She still wasn’t feeling any better. Everything reminded her of Jack. From his shoes that were still by the front door, to his medal he got for saving Jenny’s life, framed on their dresser. She needed some air. When she walked into the bar, she felt the tears fighting to come out. But she wouldn’t let them. “What can I get you?” “ A beer please.” She said, lowering her head. After finishing her beer, and turning down 5 or 6 guys trying to pick her up, she walked slowly home. It was a chilly spring night. And the cold air felt kind of good on her cold, tear soaked face.

When she got home, she decided to go through that drawer she just couldn’t bear to go through the week before, She was about to stop because she was getting extremely upset again, but then she came across a piece of paper. It said. “To Linda.” A smiled came across her face the first time she smiled in a week and a half, she remembered this piece of paper. It wasn’t just a piece of paper, no, but when she and Jack had just gotten married, he wrote a letter on this piece of paper to her …It said that no matter what happened, he’d love her forever. But one line in the letter, felt like someone had taken a heavy burden off her shoulder. “If anything would ever happen to me baby, I don’t want you to be upset, just know that I love you, and am always with you. Never forget that I love you. Because I do. I love you, Linda.” Then it was signed Jack. Instead of bawling when as she folded up the letter, she took a frame that was in the drawer and framed the letter. And as she looked out the window, to the cold night sky, she wasn’t upset any longer. And when she shifted her vision to his medal of honor on there dresser, she realized that everything would be alright. She knew that Jack was gone, and she’d never see him again, but for some reason she was okay with it…She finally really was okay with it.

Please luv me :)

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